Near Future for Weber Real Estate Looking Bright

February home sales for Weber County Utah weren’t exactly steller. Lumped right in the middle of the expiration of the first tax credit (November) and the extension (April) home buyers didn’t have too much incentive to close during February.

Weber County Real Estate had just 146 residential sales during February. This is down by nearly 10% compared with February of last year. However, March and April home sales look to be especially promising.

Homes for Sale in Weber County Utah

Right now there are 468 properties in Weber County under contract. 186 properties have had accepted offers just in the last two weeks. Most closings happen 4-6 weeks after the contract date. This means that we will be seeing large numbers of closings in Weber County next month, as people are urgent about purchasing new homes while they can still get the government tax credits and killer mortgage interest rates.

With the air getting warmer, there are also a lot of new Weber County home listings. In the last two weeks there has been 312 new home listings. In total, there are more than 2,200 homes for sale in Weber County Utah.…

March Good For Utah County Home Sales

Like the rest of Utah, real estate sales in Utah County were up during March. Unofficially, 443 residential homes sold marking a 18% increase from a year ago, and a 33% increase from February.

Compared with the homes that sold during March of last year, the average price of homes that sold was down by 5.72%. The average price of homes sold this March was $224,393. The median sold price for Utah County Homes was $191,000.

Although many of the homes that have recently sold in Utah Valley have been less expensive, the average price per square foot is actually up over the last two months. During March, the average Utah County home that sold went for $82.07 per square foot.

The number of homes for sale in Utah County is also up, as is typical for spring. Right now there are 4220 residential Utah County Real Estate listings. These listings have a median list price of $207,157, and an average list price at $278,266. The average list price of Utah County Homes for sale has dropped every month for the last two and a half years.…