February Davis County Home Sales Down, But April Will Be Big

Davis County Real Estate sales for February were actually pretty slow, but April looks like it will be a huge month for home sales.

During February, just 168 residential listings in Davis County sold. This is down 6.7% compared with February home sales of 2009. The median sold price of these properties was $204,000.

Graph Showing Home Sales per Month in Davis County Utah

In the last month more than 333 properties in Davis County have gone under contract. This is huge, as a large portion of these properties will be April Closings. There will be nearly twice as many home sales in April, as there was during February. In total, Davis County has 504 listed homes that are under contract. This increase in buyer activity can partially be attributed to the upcoming expiration of the home buyer tax credits.

The spring weather has also brought out huge number of sellers. Even with the large number of homes going under contract, the amount of total homes for sale in Davis County has actually risen over the past months. There are currently more than 2,100 listings. This is up 8% from last month.

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